Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Slowing down to hit goal time

My first long run with the Hanson program was a 10-miler. The next day was 5. Hal never made me run the day after a long run and I'm not sure I've ever done it. Yet the new plan isn't about being comfortable, but doing what will get me a PR, so I dragged my tired legs out of the house and got it started.

I ran in the evening and it wasn't especially hot so I didn't carry any water. It was "only" 5 miles so I shouldn't need water, right? Without breaking for water, my plan was to run the whole time, regardless of how slow I went. The important thing was getting the miles done and getting my legs accustomed to being tired but still running.

I wore my watch to keep track of the distance, but the time and pace were completely irrelevant. The first mile was a 10:49, next was a 10:48, then an 11+. It didn't matter. Every time I felt weak and wanted to walk, I slowed down even more just to keep going.

Somewhere around mile 4.1 it started to feel a little easier and my legs felt a little lighter and I was able to go a tiny bit faster. Mile 4 was in the 10:20 ballpark then the last mile was a 9:22. My final average time was a 10:35, just a touch above my marathon pace of 10:30.
Hal who? Keith and Kevin Hanson are helping me this year

Hal always said to start slowly enough that I can maintain it forever and it's finally setting in. Every run I've done since then has used the same approach - start slow, keep it slow but consistent. When it stops hurting, speed up a little. Good things are happening with the Hansons.

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