Monday, September 22, 2014

Not Hal's taper!!!

The last three weeks of a training program are generally tapering, or a gradual reduction in mileage to allow the body to heal itself before the race. Every time I used Hal's program, I knew that after my 20-miler, the miles dropped significantly and my free time increased :)

Not so much with the Hansons. Their plan is still 6 days a week, and the mileage is still high, much higher than Hal calls for. I count a running week as Wednesday-Monday. The week I just finished was scheduled as 49 miles, and I did 42.62 (I lose 1.38 due to darkness and 5 to feeling sick). Tomorrow is a day off, then the next week is still 46 miles!!!! The last full week before the race is 40, which is the same amount as Hal's week 15 (highest mileage week). I've had months where I've barely done 40 miles and here are three consecutive weeks of it! Heck, in January I ran 46 miles the entire month and 39 of those were done at Goofy.

My running feels stronger and is getting faster, but I told Bill this morning all I do is run and rest. His friend who just qualified for Boston had remarked the same thing. Then at work today I started feeling yucky, like a sinus infection is coming on, so I immediately went into cold-management mode. I laid down and took a little nap after work, took an Emergen-C packet, two vitamin d pills and tons of water.  I'm not sneezing or coughing, no runny nose, but my ears and throat are slightly sore. I have every intention of running 10 on Wednesday, so if that means going to a minute clinic tomorrow for antibiotics for a sinus infection, so be it. I've worked way too hard since I switched to the Hansons program for it to all fall apart with 20 days left.

Today was scheduled to be a strength workout. I should have done 3 sets of run 2 miles at 10:20, jog 800m at whatever easy pace. I made it 0.63 miles and decided against finishing it. My head was woozy and while I ran the entire 2012 Free Press marathon with a head cold, it was miserable and not an experience I ever want to repeat, especially if it isn't race day. I only jogged home because it was faster than walking.

Tomorrow's plan is work, then be in my pajamas and laying down by 3pm. What a boring day, but I'll do about anything to be healthy for the race!!!

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