Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Running sick :(

Last week was the third week I've worked with students this school year, otherwise known as the time my immune system can't fight off their germs anymore :(

I started feeling yucky on Monday. It was supposed to be a strength workout, which are generally 1 hour, but within a half mile I was feeling pretty woozy and it didn't make sense to force myself to complete a training run.

Tuesday was a scheduled day off.

Wednesday I worked then immediately napped on the couch, completely skipping my run.

Thursday was the same.

Friday I felt marginally so-so and wanted to try a run. My plan was to cover 3 miles, regardless of how often I had to walk. If I didn't move my head, however, it limited the wooziness and dizziness and I managed 4 miles (of the 8 the Hansons recommended).

Saturday was supposed to be 10 miles. I slept almost 12 hours on Friday night, then after laying on the couch until 6pm, I finally started, with the idea of going for 1 hour. It wasn't terrible and I was able to do 6 miles at race pace, so I threw in one more mile at faster than race pace. Then I slept until Sunday.

They recommended 7 miles on Sunday, and once again I slept late and rested and relaxed until 6, when I managed another 6 at pace and the last one faster.

Monday I was back with the program as scheduled.

Some people would argue I wasn't really sick if I could run 7 miles at pace or better. It took 23 hours of rest to do so, however, and I still felt terrible, I just forced myself to run through it. I lost 20 training miles and I didn't want to let it slide anymore, even if it meant running through wooziness and flying snot. Ewwww

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