Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Strength workout

Something different that the Hansons include that Hal does not (at least in the novice programs) is a dedicated speed workout. About halfway through it changes to a strength workout, which is still designed to be speed work, but a little slower for a longer duration. They host organized workouts at their store, but I shifted the program one day so my long run is on Saturday, which means my speed work is on Monday, not Tuesday.

The next best option was to google "Hansons speed workout" and "Hansons strength workout." I found four of each, so I do each one twice before moving on to the next one.

Yesterday was:
- Warm up (0.5 miles in my case)
- 4 sets of run 1.5 miles at ten seconds faster than marathon pace, then recover/jog for 0.37 miles
- Cool down (short walk)

Race pace is 10:30 or 5.7 miles per hour so my strength pace is 10:20 or 5.8 mph. By the second set, however, I was up to 5.9 mph, then the third started at 6.0 and increased. Just for fun and to replicate the Chicago course I added an incline the last ten minutes. Good times :)

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