Friday, September 19, 2014

The great tempo run

Running consistent times isn't particularly a strength of mine, so I've done all my tempo runs on the dreadmill and let the machine maintain an exact pace. This week was prescribed as a 10-mile tempo run, which was bad enough - two sets of 53 minutes each - ugh! Add in the weather, which was absolutely perfect at mid-60s and sunny, and I couldn't justify a miserable TM run.

My watch predicts my finishing time per mile anyway, so it was time to self-pace. At the race I'll either have to self-pace, or stay with a group, which isn't really my style.

Almost immediately I started with the doubting self-talk. "8 miles is good enough." "An hour is good." "Go to the intersection and that's ok...."

Then I actually started running. The first few miles were a challenge to get the pace within a pretty exact window - I wanted no more than 5 seconds off pace either way. The first couple miles were speed up! Maintain. Slow down! Slower! Slow. Maintain. Speed up! After about 3 miles the pace was easier to maintain with less speed changes.

Then it started to feel good, and who wanted to stop before all 10 were done??? I didn't want the weight or bulk of carrying water, so I stopped once - at the library at 7.83 and it was a great run, one of my top ten ever.

At 5 miles my time should have been 52:30, the actual was 52:23. The second half was a little more under pace because I figured it was ok if I sped up a tiny bit the last mile.
Here were the splits :)
Today was scheduled to be 6 miles at whatever pace, but it was upper-60s and sunny, so obviously a great time to change it to another pace run. I figure the more 10:30s I can do, the better. I need to build muscle memory here!

Friday splits :)

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