Thursday, November 13, 2014


Bill and I had a vacation-like day in Ann Arbor a few weeks ago - breakfast at Nick's House of Pancakes, a little window shopping, a little real shopping, burgers at Knight's. Obv all my purchases were running related :)

The socks aren't wool, and they aren't super compressed or padded in the feet, so I won't wear them for full marathons, but they're fun for shorter races. If it's not obvious, they're sloths, dinosaurs, and Starry Night. There was a pair I really liked that said F$%^ this S*#+ but alas they weren't knee socks. The message alone was perfect for so many races lol

The shoes... I'm still drooling over how pretty they are!!!!! They're Mizuno Rider 18s, so I skipped right from 13 to 18. I tried them on the treadmill in the store (shout out to Ann Arbor Running Company!) then immediately wore them outside on my next run. I had to make sure they will be an adequate replacement for my beloved gray 13s, so I can continually scour every website for a deal even close to when I bought 8 pairs of model 13 for around $50 each. I check Amazon for the right price ummm every day :)

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