Friday, November 14, 2014

What's next? Part 2

After finishing the half at Columbia City last week, after the few minutes it took to drink a hot chai latte at BrewHa! and take a scalding hot shower at the Y, I had already decided on my next goal. I've finished 9 half marathons (granted two of them were done without any consideration of finishing time) and it seems like time to break 2 hours.

It'll take an average of 9:09. I can run this speed, but it's difficult, so I generally don't push it, because I'm basically lazy about running out of my comfort zone. Yet if I'm going to break 2 hours, I need to get used to discomfort. I got used to running 10:30s for 3 hours, so I know I'm capable of doing difficult things and it's time to woman up and make it happen!

I have the good sense to add in a little time cushion for water, wind, etc., so both runs this week my goal was to finish the last mile under 9:00. The first run I did 3 decent miles, then one sub-9. The second run I did one mile sub-10 as a warm up then two miles sub-9. The plan is to keep increasing the duration I'm running sub-9 until I can do the whole half as such.

The PR demolishing is set for the Rock CF half on Grosse Ile in March. It's where I ran a massive PR last spring, and I like the medal. Besides my friends Ethel and Bill will wave to me from their porch. Who doesn't love that?

Emily is raising $ to send running shoes to CF patients. Check out her video here:
She reminds me of Ellen DeGeneres :)

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  1. Michelle...400 meter repeats! once a week. This will get you stronger and faster. It also gets you out of your comfort zone. Yes, this holds 100% of the SUCK factor, but it is worth it. Even if you are at the gym just 1 time every week or 10 days. I know you like running outside. This would enable you to get a really good training run in and keep you injury free. It will make that long run a wee bit easier....
    I'm just saying.....