Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 in Review

Gap is for the Columbia City jacket that still hasn't arrived :(
Counting my races this year isn't so obvious. For example, I did the Goofy "race and a half" challenge, then I did the "5-way" challenge in Cincinnati. Does a challenge count as one event, or is each race counted separately? Since it's my blog, it's my decision :) and every time I crossed the finish line counts as a race. Having said that, I finished 18 races in 2014, which breaks down as five marathons, six half marathons, one 10K, one 4-miler, three 5Ks and two 1-milers. It was the first year where the number of halfs exceeded the fulls.

By month:

January - 46.4 miles
Races - Goofy race and a half challenge (half marathon, full marathon)

February - 77.32 miles
Races - none

March - 95.13 miles
Races - Rock CF half *PR

April - 85.51 miles
Races - Twinkie 5k *PR
            Martian half
            Toledo marathon

May - 63.57 miles
Races - Cincinnati 1-mile *PR
            Cincinnati 10k *PR
            Cincinnati 5k
            Cincinnati marathon

June - 89.72 miles
Races - Dexter - Ann Arbor half

July - 99.86 miles
Races - Electric bolt 5K *2nd place
            Ann Arbor 1-mile *PR

August - 146.47 miles
Races - none

September - 119.49 miles
Races - Western Maryland half

October - 103.68 miles
Races - Chicago marathon *PR
             Detroit  marathon

November - 72.04 miles
Races - Columbia City half
             Milford Gobbler Gallop 4-mile

December - 43.33 miles
Races - none

Now a few superlatives:

Best shirt - Cincinnati 1 mile, and Martian half. They both fit really well and are super cute designs that perfectly reflect the themes of the races. Honorable mention to the Electric Bolt 5k because I like ringer shirts.
Best race organization - Rock CF half

Best value for the cost - Cincinnati Flying Pig

Best medal - Disney

Best post-race food - tie between Electric Bolt 5k - Homemade cookies!!! and Columbia City half - homemade soup!!!

Best course - Chicago (flattest course ever!!!)

Best customer service - Cincinnati (immediate answers to questions, quickly swapped my shirt by mail for a different size)

Most fun - Chicago

Best on-course entertainment - Cincinnati marathon

Best overall race: Chicago (obviously!!!! Despite the hideous shirt, lack of communication from the race, and exorbitant cost. One can't put a price on 1.7+ million spectators!!!!)

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