Thursday, December 25, 2014

2014 was a good year

Last January, I made a list of five things I planned to accomplish in the year, things that would be a little difficult, yet completely manageable if I tried. One was related to finances - accomplished that one in June, one was about my weight - got within 1 pound a few times *shrug* I like steak, I like cookies...

The other three were all about running. Can you tell where my priorities lie? :)
Goal #1 - run a marathon PR. I wasn't realistically expecting it in the spring after the winter we'd had, so once I got the acceptance from Chicago, everything focused on that race. All summer long, my plan was to PR at Chicago, then retire.* Did it!

Goal #2 - Run a half PR. Nailed it! First try! I PRed by almost 11 minutes at the Rock CF half. I later did the Martian half, the DXAA half and the Columbia City half, each of which got one minute slower...

Goal #3 - Run a 10k under 1 hour. The only 10k I had scheduled for the year was in Cincinnati as part of the "5-way" challenge. I ran a 58 something - 58:23? - and didn't run another 10k all year.

Not a goal, but a bonus was a 5k PR. Again, it was at the first race of the year, the Twinkie run. I did two more 5Ks - Cincinnati, which was an hour after the 10k and I didn't try all that hard, and the Lightning Bolt, where I got 2nd place and a pint glass.

Another unplanned bonus was running a PR in the mile - twice! At Cincinnati I ran a 7:52, then slashed it down at 7:10 in Ann Arbor in July.

I set a PR this year for every distance I race. Awesome!

It was a good year :)


  1. CONGRATS!! Like times 5! What an epic year you had. I get so excited when I not only see people set goals but work hard to accomplish them. You did so good.
    Cant wait to see what goals you set for next year!!!

    1. Thanks!!! You had a good year too!!!! :)