Wednesday, December 3, 2014

New race - instant PR Gobble gobble

Just for fun, I signed up for the Gobbler Gallop in Milford on Saturday, to finish downtown before the parade. There was a 1-mile and a 4-mile. The 1-miler is primarily designed for kids and I wasn't sure of my ability to beat my 7:10 PR in the cold with possible snow on the ground. Besides, it might have felt like a hollow victory if I beat a bunch of 7 and 8 year old kids. My nephew and brother were doing it though, so I ran with them for a little bit as a warm up for the 4-miler.

Some people don't like to be posted online :)
It was cold. It was really hilly and it was cold. Thankfully it was sunny! My goals were to break 36 minutes and to finish in the top 8 of my age group. My finishing time was a 35:27, although my watch said I ran 3.85 miles. Brother stayed to see my race and he said the first fifteen or so runners were routed wrong and they ran closer to 5 miles. Oops

There were seventeen runners in my age group and I finished number 4! Whee!!! I've only finished better once (at the Electric Bolt 5k). In some ways, 4th is the cruelest position to finish because turkey medals were given to the top three and I was so close! Not really though - I was 3 minutes+ off of the 3rd place finisher. I saw a woman in the last block or two and thought she might be in my age group, so I should probably pass her. I did, and she was. I beat 5th place by 4 seconds.

Later on, it was still sunny and 40+ degrees. Why couldn't we have run after the parade??? Ah well, cute shirt - tech with no sponsor logos, nice race. I'll probably be back next year :)

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