Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Drawing the line

After school today I met with one of my former students at the coffee shop to help her with some assignments, then driving home at 6:15, I passed a man running down Dix (busy road in a not great area), in the slush, in the pitch black, in a wind chill below 0 degrees. Crazy!!!! At least he was wearing a reflective vest. There's a line between determination and bat crap crazy and I've managed to stay on the right side. This guy tonight had crossed the line.
A few winters ago, I ran outside in every temperature and condition, but the past few years, I've stopped running in snow, and when the temperature falls into single digits. I'd rather deal with the boredom that comes along with the safety of the TM rather than risk frostbitten toes, slip and fall accidents, cars sliding into me, etc. I can handle a little boredom.

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