Thursday, January 8, 2015

I like Pi and I cannot lie

Epic Races emailed yesterday...
Mark your calendars: Saturday, March 14 will be cause for "constant" celebration.  It's the granddaddy of all Pi Days, the once-per-dentruy date on which the mathematical symbol π can be showcased beyond the annual 3.14.  that's right!  We'll be taking it to its chronological extreme:  3.141592653 becomes 3/14/15 at 9:26:53 AM.  Such an epic date deserves recognition beyond the realm of math... and that's where we come in! 

Have Your Pi and Eat It, Too

Epic Races proudly presents Run 3.14 Pi, the race that celebrates this circle-related number … and the circular edible it brings to mind. Starting at 9:26:53 AM on 3/14/15, participants will run a 3.14-mile loop (as fans of π, we like to think of the course as a circle) at picturesque Hudson Mills MetroPark. And, since this is a Pi Run, we’ll kick off the event with a special Pi(e) Wave: a pie-eating division in which competitors start their run once their pie plate is empty. Don’t want to run on a full stomach? You can still commemorate Pi Day with our optional Pie in the Face at the finish line!
In addition, all our Run 3.14 Pi participants will receive:
  • a fabulous 3.14″ circular finisher’s medal
  • a high-quality, super-soft race T-shirt
  • a goodie bag full of samples from our sponsors
  • a post-race feast featuring pie and more pie!
  • All finishers will receive the sweetest finisher's medal ever
  • As with all Epic Races, special awards for first overall male/female, first overall master male/female, top 5 finishers in each age group 
Pieces of the Pi
Where to I go for all of the fun?
Hudson Mills Metropark, 8801 North Territorial Road, Dexter, MI
Do I get anything special for finishing the race in 31:41?
Yes! You receive applause and the right to be recognized as the Ultimate Pi Runner!
π is an infinite number. Does that mean I have to keep on running and running?
Remember that π also does not repeat, so you are officially done after completing the 3.14-mile loop.
Can I dress up like Albert Einstein for this race?
Well, Albert wasn’t a mathematician, but 3/14 is his birthday, so go right ahead! Or maybe consider an Isaac Newton costume, since Newton was a mathematician and is sort of associated with … apple pi.
It’s been a few years since I was in school. What is π again?
Pi, or π, represents a mathematical constant: the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. For basic calculations, π is recognized as 3.14159, although in actuality it has been calculated to more than one trillion digits past the decimal point. It’s an irrational number and continues infinitely without repetition or pattern. And don’t worry… we aren’t irrational and will not require you to memorize π. Unless you really want to.

Sounds fun! Bill and his math Ph.D. think it sounds fun too :) Much like Twinkies, I don't especially like pie, but I like the fun theme :)

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