Monday, January 19, 2015

The food plan

I'm turbo-organized and dedicated when it comes to running. At any point within an 18-week window, I can say what I'm running on a particular day. I print out a hard copy of the training program I'm using, write each run in my planner, and carry the print-out with me. Once it's in the planner, I'm committed to it.

When it comes to losing weight, however, I'm all over the place. I "eat less" and "eat healthier," but there's no plan or consistency. Imagine if I trained how I tackle weight - "I guess I should run today." "I haven't run in a while - what should I do?" "I can run tomorrow." It wouldn't work, so is it any surprise I'm not hitting my goal weight?

So I decided to apply the same planning and organizing to food. I made and printed a chart with space for three meals and three snacks a day, which I plan out the night before. It's like packing a gym bag on my way to work - a little planning eliminates guesswork and wasted time.

Bill came over yesterday and we grocery shopped then cooked for the week. My fridge has stacks of healthy meals and snacks all ready to go. I took a picture of how healthy and organized it is, but feeling too lazy to upload it from my camera right now.

Today is the first day I'm trying this, and I'm always craving junk food, but it's good to be organized and not have to think about what to eat. Lack of planning, especially lunch, leads me to Primo's for $1 slices of pizza...

I read a story that predicts every pound lost equates to one minute faster over the marathon, assuming all other factors stay the same. That's motivation enough for me!

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