Thursday, February 12, 2015

All this speed work is catching up to me

January is miserable. We all agree, right? The lousy weather makes it extremely difficult to run outside between the snow, ice, cold, and early darkness. This year I managed 4 runs outside and 18 on the treadmill. The outside runs have been slightly under 10-minute miles. The TM runs have been between 9:00-9:20.

A few weeks ago my right quad started feeling a little twingy. Not terrible, not pain per se, but it wasn't quite right. I kept running through it. Last weekend I managed 20 miles on it (8-8-4). The discomfort subsides in about 3-4 miles, so I've been using menthol gel to get through the early miles.

I took my scheduled day off this week. I took the next day as well and I still don't feel 100%. I can run on it, but the Flying Pig is suddenly feeling a long way off.

Lesson learned: Just because I can do something doesn't mean I should. I was using the TM to force my legs to do speeds they never would have managed outdoors, at least not that consistently. I was inadvertently doing 5-6 speed workouts a week, with only one day off. I'm understanding now why all the training programs emphasize slow, easy runs.

Yesterday I changed 5 miles at race pace to a half hour of extremely slow jogging, including a walked warm-up. My leg felt so-so. It didn't seem any better or worse from having done it.

New plan (and it pains me greatly to write this): Do one run all weekend because I already paid for the race, but take it slow and easy, then nothing until Tuesday or Wednesday, or when it feels better, bike if needed so at least I'm getting a little cardio. I hate taking off training time, but I can't run with this gimpyness until May. Besides, I switched to the Hansons program mid-way through when I used it in the summer. I'll manage.

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