Friday, February 6, 2015

Cranky... Killer

Friday was "warm" at 30 degrees and sunny, but I don't have any viable options to run outside. I thought about driving down to Elizabeth Park in Trenton and running 8 mile-long laps, but after I stopped by a used book sale, it was gray and windy and just wasn't happening.

Back to the gym for another torturous TM run, this time 8 miles. Physically, it wasn't all that hard, but mentally it was brutal! No part of me wanted to do the run and I was cranky as a result. I told myself it was fine to be cranky, it was ok if I whined and complained the whole time, but it was going to happen no matter how much I hated it.

Being a Friday night, it was pretty empty and my preferred TM was free. I started slooooooowly. The first mile was over 10-minutes, then I settled in at 6.3 mph. I sang along to my music, I counted down the mileage, I kept going.

With 1.1 miles left, a guy got on the treadmill next to me. The gym was pretty much empty and he could have any TM he wanted, and decided to be right next to me???? When running on a TM, you can just tell when someone is racing you, and this guy definitely was. It may as well have been my brother, or the stranger who randomly told me in 2009 that I wouldn't be able to complete a marathon. No matter how tired and bored I was, my competitive side kicked in immediately. Homeboy didn't know who he just challenged! Every time he stopped, I cranked up my speed, and after 7 exhausting miles, I threw down an 8:31 final mile. Hu-ah! Anytime he wants to race again....!!!! :D


  1. NICE! A little friendly competition! Funny how that cranked out your run and put a fun twist in in. I was going to run on Friday but wimped out with the cold.
    It looks like another week of COLD. Less than 40 days till spring...Nice run Michelle!

    1. Thanks! We should have planned another "race" lol Stay warm!!!