Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hitting my goal weight

Yeah, not me
Several years ago, I was biking when Les (trainer) at the Y asked me why I gained weight. I was moderately insulted, then eventually realized it was a valid question. The answer was simple - I was bored at work, so I snacked, then when my friends asked if I wanted to have a "meeting" after work (ie a drink), that was always more fun than going to the gym, or coming home alone. Since I lived alone, I generally ate while there, rather than cook for one. Over a year or two, I slowly and gradually gained weight. I knew I had gained, especially after I bought "fat pants," but I was mostly in denial about how much, because I didn't weigh myself any more.

My best friend took me to Gatlinburg for my 30th birthday and I hated looking at the pictures because they showed that my arms were round, my stomach was full, and I didn't look like me. So in May 2009 I started tracking calories with The Daily Plate and was basically glued to a computer to track every single thing I ate.

Within 8-9 months, I had lost about 25 pounds - I know where I started The Daily Plate, but I think I had lost 5 before I even started that. Then with about 5-7 pounds to go, I started getting lazy with tracking, and making decision more based on what tasted good than on what was good for me.

I fluctuated within 2-10 pounds of my goal weight for over 5 years.

This January, I finally got serious about it. The first week I "lost" 5.7 pounds in 4 days. Yeah, that wasn't sustainable. After a few weeks I "gained" 3 pounds overnight, then Bill and I went on vacation. For whatever reason, we only ate twice a day, and no snacking, but I was enjoying those meals - bacon at every breakfast nom nom nom.

I came home and didn't weigh myself. I didn't want to see everything undone! I decided Friday would be weigh-in day, and when I stepped on the scale yesterday morning, I had hit my goal weight! My scale tends to fluctuate wildly, so I moved it a few times and weighed myself about 6 times, and it was always my exact goal weight, or 0.1 - 0.5 below goal weight. Nice surprise. I was this weight when I was 26 and somehow always had this idea that with enough discipline I could be this weight at any age. I guess so :)

Ironically, even though I've been chasing this weight since 2009, I don't look any different or feel any different than I did 5 pounds ago :(

The challenge now is to maintain it and keep eating within a healthy calorie range, focused on fruits and veggies. I've been eating mostly paleo and it works, even if I really crave a piece of bread sometimes. With weekly weigh-ins, and not daily, I can have that piece of bread, just not the whole loaf!


  1. CONGRATS!! Michelle that is such an accomplishment. Even better you did it eating bacon. Not something to advertise too much, you will have a lot of very envious readers! I stinking LOVE bacon.
    Now I have the crave..

    1. Sorry!!! I didn't tell the other side of the story, which was veggie stir fry with 3 oz of flank steak every night for dinner... Thanks :)