Sunday, February 1, 2015

January by the Numbers

January is over. It was really cold, and a little snowy, far less than we had last year, so that was good. Not so good was running on the treadmill so often because the temperature never really went above freezing, so the snow that my neighbors neglected to shovel three weeks ago is still there.

Number of runs: 22
Number of runs I downgraded or skipped: 0
Number of runs outside: 4 :(
Number of treadmill runs: 18 ugh!!!!
Total miles: 96.76 in January!!!!!!! I've never ever gotten anywhere close to this in January
Shortest run: 2.0
Longest run: 6.46
Average distance per run: 4.39
Money found running: $1.06

Not too shabby. Could I have pushed a little and gotten to an even 100? Sure, but I had already increased the mileage on the majority of my runs. Today's run broke 100 for the year already. Crazy!

If anyone missed the great girl-power commercial immediately after halftime of the Super Bowl, here it is:
I often wear a sweatband that says "I run like a girl." I wish it said "I run like a woman," because how else could I possibly run???

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