Sunday, February 8, 2015

The $7 run

Saturday's temperature wasn't terrible - mid 30s and dry. The brothers Hanson wanted me to run 8 miles again and my soul cried a little at the thought of going back to the gym, so I started really thinking where could I run outside? Anywhere around home was out because enough people don't shovel, and some of the streets still haven't been plowed. I was going to see Bill in Ann Arbor, so I could run there downtown, but then I'd be dodging people and I wasn't sure if laps around the Diag would be any better than the gym. I had asked a woman at work about Hines Drive, but she said it had only a narrow shoulder cleared.

Then I thought - MetroParks!!!! If I was driving to Ann Arbor anyway, maybe, just maybe, one of the parks on the way would have a clear place to run. I called and asked about the trail conditions, about the trail length. I must have asked 4 different ways if the walking path had been cleared of all the snow, and hallelujah! it had been!!!

20 minutes and $7 later, I had a place to run outside!!!!!! It started off a little cool, but by the end I was sweating and wishing I had worn something lighter. I don't really know the path and whether or not it loops back, so I did a 4-mile out and back. It felt soooooo good to be outside and actually running! The TM works in a pinch, but it's not the same.

My final time was 1:21:37, which is a 10:12 average. It was 31 seconds slower per mile than on Friday, but I have several very legitimate reasons why:
1. it was unpredictably hilly
2. there was wind
3. I was powering myself, not reacting to the TM
4. it was the second time I had run 8 miles within 18 hours
5. I didn't have a meathead racing me

Well worth the entry fee! Although I know pedestrians can follow the trails into the park and not pay the entry fee. I need to find out where these paths start!!!!


  1. Gotta appreciate The Meathead!

    1. lol yeah, but too much speed work made my leg gimpy and interfered with the last week of training :(