Thursday, February 19, 2015

The new plan

My right quad had been sore and mostly feeling overworked. If the top of my thigh was 12:00, and my hamstring was 6:00, the discomfort was at 2:00. After the Myrtle Beach half, I felt great. Had a big breakfast, about five cups of coffee, and felt as good as new. Later that afternoon, we went to a sculpture garden and walked maybe a mile. After dinner that night, when I stood up, the pain had jumped to 10:00 and was sudden upon standing.

Wish we had this weather! Shorts!!!
For the next few days it didn't hurt to walk, it didn't hurt to rest, it didn't hurt when I poked at it, but upon standing, there were a few uncomfortable seconds, which went away with movement.

I tried all my home remedies - ice, massage, rest, compression, menthol. Nothing helped. I didn't run for four long days and don't feel any better. (Although thankfully my cold is almost gone, just a few coughs at bedtime.)

Today I wanted to test it out, so I went to the gym and rather than use the TM to force a speed, I used it to force myself to stay slow. I started at 4.8 mph and increased to 5.7 mph, where I held it for 4 miles. My heart and lungs felt amazing - didn't even feel like I was working hard. The woman next to me was running at 7.1 mph though, and I was crazy jealous!

My leg felt fine during and after, so the new plan is to get back with the Hansons program, but do the miles sloooooowly as long as I'm trapped inside. Although 5.7 mph was my goal pace last season, so it's not that slow... Perhaps change the first speed and tempo runs to regular slow miles.

Somehow I'll still manage a sub-2:00 half in March, yes? The most amazing thing about the MB half was that I hit the 10k (6.2 miles) timing mat at 1:03:07. The second half was 6.9 miles and 1:01:55, and I could have kept going. As averages, the first part was 10:10, and the second was 8:58! Every mile felt stronger than the previous. So even though I won't be training at pace, I feel good about my prospects!

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