Tuesday, March 3, 2015

February numbers

February was so-so weather wise. It was really cold, and there is STILL snow and ice everywhere, but a few days "warmed up" to almost 30 so I ran outside more than I did in January.

The numbers, though, are not great:

Number of runs: 16
Number of runs I downgraded or skipped: I don't want to talk about it
Number of runs outside: 6
Number of treadmill runs: 10
Total miles: 105.05 - personal best for the month
Shortest run: 2.32
Longest run: 13.1
Average distance per run: 6.56
Money found: $0.22
Races: Myrtle Beach half - PR
Highlight of the month: PR at the half, even with a cold and a gimpy leg (I've isolated three separate knots in the quad. Trying to roll them out, which is a slow painful process)

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