Sunday, March 29, 2015

Rock CF half

The good: The Rock CF half was my 4th race of 2015 and my 4th PR.

The bad: I didn't hit my goal time of anything sub-2:00.

It was COLD! The temperature was in the low 20s and it was crazy windy. It was nice and sunny, but that wasn't enough to off-set the cold. It was also a ton hillier than I remembered from last year. Last year when I kept staying under 10:00 miles, I was thrilled. This year, it was a whole lot more work to chase 9:09s, and it wasn't a pleasant run. It was HARD!

At the half-way point, I was at 59:56, so I was right on pace, but with zero room to spare. At that point I knew it would be pretty difficult, if not near-impossible to break 2 :(

Something nice was passing a guy with two kids at least three times on the course. Every time, he addressed runners by their numbers. "Great job 1045!" "Stay strong 1045!"

Another nice thing was seeing Nita at the start and chatting for a few minutes. Silly girl forgot her shoes and borrowed her friend's extra pair. Even in borrowed shoes, she killed it!

It was cold and windy and I just didn't have it today. 2:02:10. It's a 2:52 improvement over my previous PR set in Myrtle Beach on a super flat course when I was sick. Any PR is good, but I'm disappointed with this one and not hitting my goal time. At least my PR streak continues. That's more exciting than an arbitrary time at one race.
Compared to all finisher, I was about half, which is where I typically finish. Compared to women, and women my age group, I was better than top 40%, which is good and an improvement.
Back added the lightning bolt this year
Last year I got a large shirt and it was too big, so this year I ordered a medium, and while it fit, it was a little tight and not super flattering. So for the first time ever, I used gear check, and left my race shirt, to be swapped after the race, all of which was easy enough. Post-race snacks were great - Panera bagels (they brought the good flavors!!!) and homemade cookies. I didn't feel super great though - stomach was a little upset, so I grabbed my goodies, swapped my shirt, and came on home. Medal is a lot bigger than last year, and it's nice. I likey :)
The final good thing is that finishing a half doesn't destroy my body like a full does, and there are always a ton more to try again. Myrtle Beach was almost a 4 minute improvement, today was almost 3 minutes. I'll get below 2 hours eventually. Maybe change my garbage Thursday miles to a second speed workout in anticipation of my next half. Breaking 2 hours is my new obsession, much like breaking 5 hours in a full consumed me in 2012. I managed that, so I have no doubt about managing sub 2 hours, I just really wanted it to be today!


  1. Woot Woot, another PR, You BEAST, did you hit the bong..Hopefully not THAT bong! lol. I was thinking of you at mile 8 when the hills kept rolling in, I was feeling wimpy remembering how you said the course was FLAT. OH jeesh! I am glad to hear you testify!

    1. I swear the hills weren't there last year!!!! I saw them and kept thinking wth????