Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Anatomy of a 45-mile week

Wednesday: Run 10 miles at marathon pace (10:30)
Actual run - 10.25 miles at 10:21

Thursday: Run 6 miles
Actual run - 6.1 speed workout on the TM

Friday: Run 6 miles
Actual run - 5.65 in crazy strong wind through the hills of Ann Arbor

Saturday: Run 16 miles
Actual run - 16.0 miles at 10:31 pace. Was visiting Bill's mom and I hadn't slept well, was hot, hilly and sunny. Previous 16 this training cycle was 17 seconds faster. Counting this one as a win :) Body felt great after. Sure, I was dehydrated and ate everything I could find that night, but my biggest physical pain was the slight sunburn on the back of my knees. Not bad!

Sunday: Run 5 miles
Actual run - 3.6 miles. Still in Indiana, still hilly, but now windy as well. 3.25 was enough to break 40 for the week.

Monday: Strength workout (generally 5-6 miles)
Actual run - 3.0 miles speed workout on the TM. I think I tried to go too fast, and quit 2 repeats earlier than I had planned. Legs were SHOT!

Tuesday: Blessed rest day!!!!
Actual day - lay down with my cat and watch Jeopardy! Take the Jeopardy! online test, do the dishes, etc. Basically do all my dippy errands and enjoy not running :)

Next up:
W- 10 pace
Th - 5 or 6 speed workout
F - nothing
S - 13.1 race
S - 5-7ish
M - speed workout

Officially I'm "tapering" now. The brothers Hanson sure have a different idea of a taper than does Hal. I'm missing his taper lol The Hansons got me a PR though.


  1. Nicely done Michelle. This is your year of PR's. You just keep rocking it out!

    1. Thanks! My biggest take-away from the Hansons program is how to run through pain and misery and just keep going :D