Saturday, April 25, 2015

Where medals go to die...

Ann Arbor is a weird town. As the city-provided map declares, it's "6 square miles surrounded by reality." Um, yeah, agreed. Bill and I were driving to brunch this morning and I saw The Scrap Box, and asked him to turn in, curious what it was. It's a "creative recycling" facility where people can buy industrial scraps. For what purpose, I'm not exactly sure, but when my parents took me there many years ago, my creative 7-year old self loved it! I spent hours creating "art" with fabric squares, pieces of foam, etc.

As as adult, I didn't see anything I needed. There were a few scrapbook punches I looked at, a few rubber stamps significantly below retail, but nothing I needed, especially not when I'm saving money for the summer, to buy more stock, etc. Gotta watch the disposable spending!

Then I saw a small box on the bottom shelf in the back corner, full of medals from the Ann Arbor marathon and half marathon, both 2013 and 2014. The price? A staggering $0.25 each!!!!! I can't decide if it's hilarious, or insulting to the finishers who probably paid $60+ for the experience. Since I didn't do the race, I didn't buy one, or several, although I had great ideas of using them to decorate a photo frame, or a shadowbox, or the cover of a photo album. The creative options were endless, but I can't buy a medal!!! (At least not if I didn't do the race! Duplicates of finished race medals would be great :)

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