Thursday, May 7, 2015

Flying twice in one day (Saturday)

I ran exactly one 10k in 2014. One of my goals for the year was to break 1 hour, and I did it the first time I tried at the 2014 Flying Pig weekend. I averaged a 9:40 ish to finish in 58:something. After that I didn't "need" to run another until the 2015 Piggie.

This year, I could run a 9:39 average and PR, but I got faster this winter and my half PR was done at a 9:02 average. If I managed that - which didn't seem too unreasonable - I told Bill to look for me between 56-58 minutes.

It felt good and didn't really hurt. It was certainly easier than the 1-miler had been because it wasn't nearly as demanding aerobically. It didn't feel super agonizing, so I kept pushing it a little, over the bridges and through the humidity.

There is a huge steep hill toward the end, so I walked up it, then kept motoring toward the finish. My 6th mile was the fastest.

In the last little bit, when the end was in sight, a kid was in front of me, so I HAD to pass her. Then a group of 5-6 was right there, and the finish was RIGHT THERE! If not at that moment, when? Why was I saving ANY energy? Time to lay it out and get it done!!! So I blew past them as well and several others and cruised to the finish with a 7:32 pace for the last two-tenths.

55:28 baby :D

My legs were SHOT but there was still a 5k to be done an hour later. It got significantly hotter in that hour, and my plan all along had been merely to not fall apart. A PR was never planned - good enough was breaking 30 minutes, which I did handily. It felt so easy to run "slowly" after the speedier 1-mile and 10k races. I wound up averaging a 9:20 or something, as an "easy" run. Funny how perception changes. Last year a 9:20 would have been a difficult speed to maintain, especially given the circumstances :)

2015 PR count:
1 1-mile race, 1 PR
4 5K races, 2 PRs (one not expected or planned)
3 half marathons, 3 PRs

After the first few PRs, the most perfect plan was to PR every race until the Piggie 5k. Aside from the stupid Twinkie 5k meltdown, everything was progressing right how I wished.
Then we went back to the expo. My 5k and 10k shirts fit, but were a little too loose and I preferred a smaller size. For whatever reason, the race shirts didn't have a flying pig on them - wth???? There was a screen printer at the expo making custom shirts, so I spent a few dollars to add a piglet outline to my 10k and full shirts. Lame that I had to pay extra to improve the shirts, but it greatly improved them and made me happier.

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