Sunday, May 17, 2015


A random collection of Piggie memories.

The retirement community in Kentucky where many residents were outside with signs. "I thought you said bingo!" "Run fast or I'll hit you with my cane."

A group of nuns and patients watching around mile 16 or 17.

An elderly man at mile 22 sitting in a chair, clapping for runners while his wife stood behind him and danced, with "St. Elmo's Fire" playing on a speaker.

Best signs:
Don't be a Seahawk - Run!
It's not blisters. Your wings are coming in.
Dig deep and find your wings

One of the volunteers at the expo asked how many posters I wanted. Three :) Participants in the 5k, 10k and full each got one, so I paid for three with my entry fee. I'd like all of them, in case two get damaged on the way home. I haven't taken them out of the boxes yet, but someday I'll get one framed.
Top row: 4-way finisher shirt, 5k shirt, cross-body backpack, 4-way plaque.
Middle row: 10k shirt, marathon shirt, 1-mile shirt
Front row: medals

The race shirts are ok. I don't love them. The race had the sweetest little piggie logo this year wearing a baseball hat, declaring he had 26.2 reasons we're all-stars. They leaned on the baseball all-star game being hosted in Cincy for the theme, and I like the baseball piggie. Why is he not on the race shirt? It took me a while to realize they're supposed to be baseball jerseys. Once I realized that, I liked them more, although I wish the 5k and full were different colors. The full shirt is an Asics women's cut and it fits really well. The 5k and 10k are unisex, but made with a soft stretchy material so they have a flattering shape. I haven't tried on the 1-mile shirt yet.

I really like the 4-way shirt, tons nicer than in the past. Some runners have actually complained about it. They must not have seen the last two :P I like that the Skyline logo is small, I like that it's a baseball style ringer shirt. Unisex sizes, but a small fit well.

(L to R) 1-mile doubles as a bottle opener, 10k, 5k, marathon, 4-way. They're all great. The marathon and 4-way are the same size, even though they don't appear it in this pic.

4-way plaque. It gets nicer every year, although I have yet to use one. Maybe if I had an office where I could hang things.


  1. WOW,that is the mother load! congrats! Nicely done, They have the best bling!

    1. Thanks, I agree :) Every year I think I should do the Pittsburgh marathon, but its always the same day at the Pig and I can't bring myself to skip the piggie!!!! :)