Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Piggies flew in on Friday

At the expo
The Flying Pig marathon is an entire weekend of events, including a big variety of race distances, a kids race, a little kids race, one for developmentally disabled adults, another for dogs (with owners), even one that combines weight-lifting with running. I always figure if I'm driving that far, and dealing with the construction on I-75 in Dayton (seriously, how does it never ever ever get done???), I'm going to run as many races as I can. In my case, that's 1 mile, 10k, 5k and a marathon, which combine to form the "5-way" challenge.

Friday is always a little stressful because after the construction and rush hour traffic in Cincinnati, I have to go to the expo and make six separate stops - for my numbers, shirts, backpack, and posters. This year, one of the vendors was collecting used shoes to be donated to shoe-less children, or to be dismantled and the rubber used to build tracks. In either case, I took four pairs for him, but that was another stop to make. Then I wanted to buy a pig themed headband. Another stop.

Little Mr. Piggly-Wiggly
All this had to be done in a timely fashion, because I still had to go across town to the 1-mile race where I picked up my shirt and number, then rode the bus to the start. Yikes! Somehow it all got done.

Last year the 1-mile race was on an amazing course. It was a straight mile with zero turns and a pretty significant downhill at the end. The course was different this year, and not nearly as fun. It was a closed course, so no spectators until the very very end. It had two turns, and an unexpected uphill at the end.

I finished in 7:22. I don't know if it's a PR. I guess? I ran a 7:10 in July, but my watch registered significantly short on the distance. I know my watch isn't an official measure for race standards, but it wasn't even close. So I guess? At any rate, it was an improvement over the 7:51 I ran in 2014 Piggie on the good course.

I just didn't have it in me to go below 7 that night, but I can't say what I didn't have. My legs felt fine, lungs were working hard, but I could breathe the whole way. I don't know. Even though my time wasn't what I wanted, my placement was a lot better than anticipated. I thought maybe top 20 in my age group. Bill ran the QR code and I was 6th!!!!!!! 6th out of 106!!!! Wow! I'm still amazed when things like that happen :D

After, we watched the elites run, then used my coupons for free beer and a coney dog, because nothing is better for pre-race fuel than beer and coneys.... It was warm so we relaxed on the lawn and had a pleasant night before the Piggest raffle. Sadly, I didn't win.
Bill doesn't want to be on my blog lol


  1. WOOTWOOT! Your mile is ROCKIN! I want to croak, choke and DIE running that distance! Awesome PR, you just keep killing it. Giving great thought on running WOODSTOCK..50k or 50 miles...throwing your a

    1. Don't tempt me..... lol I had seriously considered doing the 50k a few years back, then I ran a trail half and realized I HATE trail running haha The 50k is off the books until I find a street one :)