Thursday, June 4, 2015

A 16-day break

I haven't run since May 19th and I miss it!!!! Hal always says runners should take significant time off after a marathon, and I finally listened, although not just as a rest.

One of my former students had been inviting me to visit her family in Vietnam for the past 5 years, and everything worked out for me to do so this spring. It was an amazing experience, but there was no possible way I was running. When we were in the city, and there were sidewalks, it was 118 degrees. The other option was at her house, where it was "only" 100 degrees. She lived on a dirt road, with huge potholes and free roaming chickens. Neither option was good. Besides, it was just way too hot and humid. People didn't run there anyway.

Everything will be ok. I start training for Chicago next Wednesday, so I have several days to get back with the program. I thought today was running day, maybe it still is. I need to eat and assess my energy level after that.


  1. Vietnam?! How cool is that. What a culture shock I'm guessing. Glad to hear you finally made it ; )
    - 'J'

    1. Thanks J! It was a great experience, glad to be home!!!