Saturday, June 13, 2015

I feel OLD!!!!

I've never really felt my age, certainly not as an adult. I know I have a birthday every year, I see my niece and nephew and students getting older, but I see myself exactly the same as I did when I started teaching in 2003. I abuse my body with my long runs and marathons. The entire Hansons training program beats up my body, but I've always recovered quickly and fairly painlessly. I regularly run within 3 or 4 days of a marathon, and I generally feel great. I'd never guess I'm closer to 40 than 30.

Then I fell on my tailbone.

And I suddenly feel OLD!!!! For the first time, my body didn't recover immediately. It's been a solid three weeks, and I'm STILL hurting.

The prognosis from what I've learned online is that the only remedy is rest and time. There's no need to see a medical doctor, because he/she can only confirm what I already know, and it's irrelevant if it's bruised or broken because the treatment is the same either way.

I went to yoga last Wednesday, thinking perhaps some deep stretching might help. It felt good for about an hour after. More significantly, when I mentioned my mishap to the teacher, she immediately asked if I'd talked to Dr. Ellen. I hadn't even thought about it until then. My very favorite yoga teacher is a chiropractor, and while I generally think they're unnecessary, perhaps even hokum, I've also never fallen on my tailbone with well over 100 pounds of force. I called the next day for an appointment.

Mom asked if I can defer Chicago. Yes, but I really don't want to. I already coughed up $185 to enter, and if I defer, I have to pay that AGAIN next year. Yes, I would be double paying. For now, I can run through it, and won't defer unless I'm in agony at the deferment deadline.

Fingers crossed for Ellen to crack something back in place, or do some sort of manipulation magic.

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