Sunday, July 26, 2015

Another 5k, another 2nd place finish

There's something about the Electric Bolt 5k that I really like. It's a smaller race (138 finishers this year), maybe 20 spectators the entire course, and tons of hills. Maybe I just like the lightning bolt sugar cookies and Zingerman's coffee at the end....?

Much like last year, it was HUMID!!!!! Low 70s and sunny, but about 98% humidity. Yech!!!! There was a starting line for the 5k and another one for the 8k. I was at the right line, sang along with the national anthem, then jumped a little in response to the starting horn, wasting about 3 seconds right from the get-go. I had forgotten that this race doesn't have a starting time pad and everyone has the same start time. I had been waiting for everyone to bunch up and the starter to come over to the line. Instead, it was just "go!" Oops, delayed reaction :P

The course was a little different this year. We started at Riverside Park, but didn't have to run across the grass, so that was good! It was a little on the single lane paved trail, then to the dirt road and the HILLS! ugh! There was an out and back that turned at 1.4 miles, and yes, I was counting all the women heading back toward me before I turned. I counted 5. I'm a terrible judge of ages. The first two looked a lot younger than me, but the rest I couldn't tell if they were in my age group or not.

I still have absolutely no idea how I ran a 26:08 at the Pi run. To beat that, I need every mile at or better than 8:15. For the first half mile, it was no problem, then the hills cropped up and a PR wasn't in the cards, again. Granted, it was my 12th race of the year and I have 8 PRs under my belt for 2015 so I can't complain too much.

Nearing the finish, running another uphill (seriously, 90% of the course was uphill!!!!), the lead runner in the 8k passed me. That was kind of funny and really sad. Great job to him, he's probably on a college track team with coaching every day.

Post race food - sugar cookies, bananas, bagels, popsicles, water, gatorade and hot coffee!!!! Yay!!!! Part of me subconsciously does this race just for the cookies and coffee lol

The times were posted and I just barely eeked out a sub-9:00 average. Ah well, I don't train for short races, and the one speed workout a week the Hansons have me do isn't sufficient to really succeed with a short race.

Comparing my time and numbers to last year made me feel a whole lot better about missing another PR. My placement was the same both years, but overall I was 45th last year and 11th female. This year I was 28th overall and 6th female. My own time was 1:40 on a hillier course this year. I'm happy with it.

Shirt purchase is optional. I opted for one both years. They're super soft and comfortable. The sleeves are long enough, the waist is long enough, and there are NO sponsor logos on the back. Plus I love ringer shirts :) Medal is a ton nicer this year, and my 2nd place finisher glass matches the one from last year.

Good start to a Sunday :D See you next year!!! Altho - can we REVERSE the course, so it's 90% DOWNhill??????? PRs for everyone!!!! :D


  1. Great JOB michelle.That is a lot of PR's. I think I said this was going to be your year of PR's. You are rocking it!

    1. Thanks! Disappointed to not score another PR, but 2nd place is a good consolation :) Besides, conditions were awful w the heat and humidity!!!