Sunday, July 5, 2015

June numbers

Total miles: 61.85
Number of runs: 16
Average distance per run: 3.86
Shortest run: 2.5 miles
Longest run: 5.05 miles
TM runs: none (haven't used since speed work in April)
Runs skipped: none
Fastest average pace: 9:24
Slowest average pace: 10:35
Races: none
Money found: $1.77

Mileage was way down this month. I missed the first week because I was in Vietnam, then started the Hansons program, which prescribed limited short runs for the first 4 weeks. Every run was completed, more than half of them were a little longer than recommended. July will get me back in 100+ mileage and I'll long for the months of "only" 61 miles.... :)

I haven't done any races since the Flying Pig, and I haven't really wanted to. Grandma always used to tell me to save my money. Besides, even though my mileage is back where the Hansons want it, and I've recovered the lung capacity I lost on my 16-day break, I don't feel ready to race. I can handle 9:30s most days, but I don't want to enter a race unless I feel fairly capable of setting a PR, and I'm nowhere near 8:15s, which I'd need for a 5k PR. Even a 10k would require an 8:45 average. I'm quite content to poke along at 9:30 for awhile longer. And if the long runs are closer to 10:30s, that's ok too.


  1. I love the concept of how you broke down JUNE. It is brilliant and easy to ready. I believe you are still getting faster. My June training was WAY down as well. I have no idea really what happened, ok..Maybe I do. Sometimes you don't think it is down as far as it is until you add it up. That was the case with me anyway! Ramp up JULY..Bring on the heat and the miles!

    1. If I stick with Hansons and go just a tiny bit farther, July and August are both shaping up to be almost 200 mile months. Talk about a scary concept!!!