Monday, August 10, 2015

July numbers

Total miles: 113.08
Number of runs: 23
Average distance per run: 4.92
Shortest run: 2.0 miles
Longest run: 8.25 miles
TM runs: 1 (speed workout)
Runs skipped: 3
Fastest average pace: 8:59
Slowest average pace: 11:54 (when it was 80+ degrees and 90% humidity)
Races: Ann Arbor 1-mile, Electric Bolt 5k, no new PRs
Money found: $1.84

Total mileage was double what I did in June, so that was pretty significant. Not a ton of long runs, but plenty of solid 3-5 milers. Skipped 3 runs and I'm ok with it. The first I was woozy and light-headed from either a cold or allergies, the second was the day before the Electric Bolt 5k and I didn't want to race on tired legs, the third was when Bill and I went on an adventure right after I finished work. The Hansons wanted 6 miles on Saturday and 4 on Sunday. I compromised and did 8 on Sunday, seemed like a good enough trade-off.

Marginally bummed about failing to PR in both races, but the focus is on Chicago, not on short races. Training is progressing according to plan. No pain, no potential injuries. The only thing bothering me is a callus on the front of my 4th toe, which hits my shoes, so I need to exfoliate it myself, or get a pedicure for the sole purpose of callus removal.

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