Monday, August 3, 2015

Oops I skipped a run

Saturday morning was huge. I worked 4-8, then immediately went out for my run. I was exhausted, but I knew the longer I waited, the hotter it would get, and the likelihood of me napping while the sun was shining wasn't great. It was cool enough that I could wear a long sleeve shirt to help against the sun, I grabbed my heavy water belt, and got going! 10.25 miles later, it was great! It had passed 80 degrees, the sun was bright and constant, and everything was great :)

Sunday, the Hansons wanted 5 miles. It was another huge day for me. I didn't have any food, so it was either an early trip to the grocery store or to a restaurant. After Krogering, I did some yard work, at least while I could stay in the shade, then before I finished my coffee on the front porch, my neighbor came over to visit for a minute, then Bill was over.

Bill and I took a day trip to the African Safari in Ohio, then stopped by the beach at Maumee State Park. We got home close to 9, and I was beyond exhausted. I had zero energy to stay awake, forget run another 5 miles. So I didn't. The 10-miler was the important one, and life happens. It was more important to go on an adventure than one more run would have been. Besides, I did the Friday run. I figure the run before the big run is more important than the run after the big run. There are oodles of opportunities to run, skipping one isn't the end of the world.

Last year, I skipped 4 days in September when I was on vacation in Virginia, then three weeks later, missed another 4 consecutive days when I was sick and I STILL managed a PR in Chicago. Everything will be ok.

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