Friday, August 14, 2015


Mom called earlier this week.

"You're in a marathon ad in the Detroit News," she said. I was?????

"What am I wearing?" I asked, trying to figure out which year it was taken.

"Pink, I think. And a hat. You're near a fence." hmmm the only year I wore pink was in 2010 when I wore my Chauncey Billups jersey, and I had a bandana, not a hat. Not to mention I've worn a white visor a few times, but never a hat. Still, I had to see this picture!

I can see the resemblance, but it's definitely not me.

I heard or read somewhere that we all have a "twin" somewhere in the world. I've met several of them, and it's uncanny, especially when they have the same voice or same mannerisms. Here is my "twin." I saw this picture in the Detroit News when the old Tiger Stadium was being torn down. I looked at it and looked at it and looked at it, and finally thought "I don't remember standing on that bridge." Then I realized "I don't have that hat." Bizarre! She looks like me, she's standing like me, she's sad that the park is being torn down, but trying to hide it from the guys she's with. I could see myself doing that :) Not me though!

And here are two pictures from the Electric Bolt 5k. Another bonus of really small races - free photos!!! This photo is really of the guy in yellow (who was unofficially pacing me for the first half, whether he realized it or not :) I suppose I'm "photo-bombing" him, but I like it. I like how big and strong my arms and shoulders look. I like that my back foot is raised, so I actually look like I'm running, not shuffling :) I like the curve in my waist - I can be a crazy runner, but still feminine! I like that I closed my mouth - I'm definitely a mouth breather when I run, which leads to not flattering photos haha Power up that hill, girl!!!

Then just a few steps off the finish line - aah I'm so calm and serene!!! I like how the sun is hitting me and casting a shadow on the left half of my face, the slightly open mouth works here, I like how relaxed I look. The photo doesn't even show the sweat, and I was drenched! I sure don't look like i just scored a 2nd place finish :D


  1. WOW, that does look like you up top. Great job at your race. That was nice to have the free photos. looking good!

    1. Thanks! :) Awesome job on your 30-miler!!!! Took me all week to match that one run!!!! You're amazing!!!!