Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Raising the line

I've never bought a pair of running shorts. I got a pair of Danskin triathlon shorts before the tri in 2008, then liked them so much, I bought another pair. They were never especially flattering, but they were comfortable, had two pockets to hold my essentials, and the rubber grips at the bottom kept them from riding up. Last year I took one pair to the tailor when the seam was ripping. You'd think I would just buy a different pair, but they were still working - why change?

The white stripes!!!! hahaha
A few weeks ago, I did a 5k and it was extraordinarily hot and humid, so I was quickly drenched in sweat. I remarked to my bestie that I wished I was confident enough to run in just shorts and a sports bra, when it's that hot and an appropriate setting (ie a race, shirts are always essential when running around the neighborhood).

I later thought, it's not a confidence issue, it's that my shorts have a higher waist that gives me the appearance of a squishy belly, where there really isn't one. Not a huge one at least lol The shorts gave the look normally associated with "mom jeans" ewwww!

After work one day I stopped by Athleta to see about trying a new style of shorts, but the woman working was really snotty, and didn't help me one bit. I should have sent Bill - the ladies are quick to help him shop there! There is no shortage of stores to buy overpriced running gear, especially in Ann Arbor, so I left.

The next day I stopped by Lululemon and tried on every style of shorts. At the very end of the row was a skort, which I've been wanting for years. Everything was shorter than my tri shorts and I've always been reluctant to go shorter, fearing my thighs would rub together and chafe. Surprisingly, they don't!

The only problem is that I now have a wide 2" band of skin that hasn't seen the sun in years. Wearing the same shorts for 8 years has given me a perma-farmer tan right across the middle of my thighs.

Oh, the best part! The skort is available online in tall sizes!!! Whee!! I look like a real runner now :)

Mom said "don't you think it looks funny with gray socks?"
"no," I shrugged. It had never occurred to me.
Shoes = comfortable
Socks = comfortable
Good enough for me


  1. I LOVE your tan lines,,this reminds me of the pick Kara Goucher posted of her tan lines in her bathing suit.
    Great TAN, and awesome outfit!

    1. haha thanks, not sure a dermatologist would agree! I'm good about using sunblock on my face and neck, but always neglect my legs. The best (worst) is when I get a shorts tan AND a knee sock tan!