Sunday, August 9, 2015

Rocking out 15

The Hansons wanted me to run 15 miles on Saturday, which is a huge jump from the 10 they had me do last week. I wanted no part of it. I worked 4-8 am, thankfully from home, and had every intention of running immediately thereafter. I realized though, that it was cool and cloudy and I could run any time I wanted all day long. I was beyond exhausted, so I postponed the run and went back to bed. I never fell into a deep sleep, but had 3 hours of solid rest.

After I got up for good, I played with my cat, ate lunch, watched Quantum Leap, just putzed around all day. I started to reach the point where I HAD to run or I was going to run out of daylight. I had even tried to convince myself that I could switch the long Saturday with the shorter Sunday, but I know they have the runs on specific days for a reason.

Sigh. My work manager asked why in the world I was running 15 miles, was something chasing me? No, on some level I guess I enjoy it. I enjoy feeling stronger, I enjoy the endorphins, I enjoy the big race experience.

The first many miles I had to keep telling myself to slow down. Running programs and coaches all advise doing the long SLOW runs 60-90 seconds slower than race pace. McMillan seems to think I can do a 9:30 marathon, so I should be Saturday running between 10:30-11:00. My legs kept turning over low 10s though, and I tried and tried to slow down! hah crazy problem!

It rained at 2.5 miles, was done at 3.5. The temperature was mid 70s and cloudy, it was humid, but everything was ok. When I get bored, I retell myself the blog posts from my favorite races hah I just kept going.

It started hurting around mile 12, but I was bored more than in pain. I desperately wanted to quit at 14. My iPod battery had just died and I was out of water. The extra mile didn't really matter, right? If I can run 14, I can run 15, no sweat. But I managed to not give up that last bit. I was already drenched in sweat, and it would only take about 10 minutes more, so I needed to do what I had set out to do.

When I finally dragged myself on the front porch, my little outside kitty (neighborhood stray) was waiting for me to come home. Nicey boy! (or girl, no idea)

When it's so hot and humid, I'm often faced with a dilemma - do I want water or shower first??? Most days, I wind up sitting in the shower with cool water splashing down on me, drinking a glass of water.

For the second half of the run, I had been thinking about what to eat afterward. It would be my "free" meal, and Cottage Inn pizza was tempting, but I decided what I really wanted was homemade taco salad and chocolate milk. Yum! I fantasized about opening the half gallon in the store and start drinking before I even paid for it.

But within 5 minutes of my shower, I was hit with the same nausea I had in Chicago. I know it's 100% because I'm so dehydrated and depleted, but the idea of eating or drinking anything turns my stomach. By that point I had burned twice as many calories as I consumed. You'd think it's a good problem, but makes me feel so sick!

I forced myself to drink an emergen-C, and eventually felt ok enough to venture out for food. Not gonna lie - my guilty pleasure is McDonalds, and they have chocolate milk, so I hit up the drive-thru for a happy meal with chocolate milk, and a caramel sundae. The milk was gone before I left the parking lot. It really is the best post-workout drink :) Sadly, my McDonalds doesn't serve breakfast until midnight.

Timewise, I'm really happy with the run. My average time was 10:24, slightly faster than where I should have been. The individual miles ranged from 10:06 to 10:52, which wasn't really that slow. I had stopped to wring out my headband and drink some water, and neglected to pause my watch. I had told myself at the start that I could quit if I got to 3 hours and wasn't done. Wasn't even close!

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