Thursday, September 10, 2015

31 Days

Bill and I went on vacation to Tennessee, where I ran us ragged for 4 days visiting Civil War sites. I did a little running, but not what the Hansons wanted.

The next weekend we went to a beach-front bed and breakfast. I ran before we left, but not at all once we were there - the b&b was right on a 55mph road with no sidewalk - where would I run?

I'm working 12-hour days between 2 jobs, starting at 4am.

My running is sucking. Big shock there. My nutrition isn't as careful or diligent as normal. Many days I skip dinner because I don't have any food and no energy to procure any, or I'll have eggs and toast, with virtually no protein, even though I KNOW I need it. Runs keep getting cut or reduced. The miles are going down, while the pace keeps going up, and I just don't have the energy to care.

Then I have to keep reminding myself I'm not training for any old race, it's THE CHICAGO MARATHON!!!!! Best day of my life, PR city Chicago marathon!!! I asked the lottery fairy, St. Sebastian, and Jesus to get me a spot in the lottery. They all came through for me, so I need to do my part. Finishing isn't enough, I HAVE to break 4:30, because with the work situation, it's possible that I might actually mean it when I say I'm retiring this year. (I immediately feel sad thinking about that possibility, even if I'm a little relieved)

Yesterday I watched this video, it made me cry, like it always does. That inspired a little.

I tell myself it's 31 days and yes, I'm counting. 31 DAYS!!!!! Suck it up, and stay focused and committed for 31 DAYS. They're not even all running days. Get it done, girl!!!! Chicago is going to be the hardest, fastest, best, most fulfilling marathon ever!!!! Make it happen!


  1. NO YOUR not retiring, just running differently. You got this! Back in the SADDLE!

    1. Thanks :) Last night was good, I ran slow and easy and stopped after 6.1 miles only because I was home. I could have run forever.