Tuesday, September 22, 2015

50! 50! 50!

40 miles always feels like a threshold week. When I was using Hal's program, there was exactly one 40-mile week, and it was the biggest week, which included the biggie 20-miler. With Hansons, there is a huge block of 40+ weeks, like six or eight weeks in a row. It's hard to pre-calculate the total mileage because Mondays are "speed" or "strength" workouts, and I'm pretty liberal with the total distance I do those days - anywhere from 3.1 to 7ish, depending on time and how I feel.

My previous high-water mark was 45 miles.

I looked at the schedule and figured two different occasions where it would be totally do-able to hit a 50-mile week. The first chance I messed up somehow. It was too hot, or we were on vacation, or whatever, I don't remember.

I looked at the schedule again. Last week was my last realistic chance to break 50. The weather has been good, I've felt great, so stick with the program, add a nibble here and there, and cross the 50-mile marker.

Here's how it happened:

scheduled - 10 miles at race pace
actual - 10.0 miles at race pace, finished ONE SECOND faster than total target time. Felt exhausted, but after about 4 miles I typically hit a groove and it stops hurting so much.

scheduled - 6 miles
actual - 6.05 miles
Thursdays can be any pace, I averaged a 10:07. I don't remember how I felt, tired probably.

scheduled - 6 miles
actual - 6.41 miles
Any pace, averaged a 10:21. Kept stopping to pick up candy that wasn't collected during the homecoming parade lol

scheduled - 16 miles
actual - 15.04 miles
Got a late start and horsed around a few times filling water, then needed a bathroom break. Cut it short so I wouldn't be out after the street lights came on. Target pace was 10:30-11:00. Actual average pace was 11:03. Considering I was bored silly and responsible for my own water - I'll take it.

scheduled - 5 miles
actual - 6.01 miles
First few miles felt horrible, last few felt amazing, could have kept going.

scheduled - strength workout
actual - 6.51 miles strength
I didn't trust my ability to hit 9:20s on my own, so I used the TM as a tool. Did 1.5 mile repeats at 9:06 with 0.5 mile slow jogs in between.

I had done the math before Monday's run, and knew exactly what distance I needed to hit 50 miles. Then I went a tiny bit beyond that, so for the rest of my life I can talk about "when I ran OVER 50 miles a week..." lol lol

At the end, I feel great! Exhausted, but that's my schedule talking, not the miles.

Now I'm "tapering," but still doing 45 miles this week. The Hansons have a drastically different idea of a taper than does Hal!!!!

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