Monday, September 28, 2015

A little over-reaction

I'm at the point in my training where I start to get cranky and irritable because my run schedule changes to an easier plan. I can't build any more strength or endurance at this point. Now I focus on doing "easier" runs so I can recover from hard training, without losing any ability, and be healthy and ready to race. I'm not worried about a running injury, but more so about doing something stupid like falling down the stairs or tripping over the cat. It's too late now for anything to happen, and be able to recover in time. Staying healthy is even harder, when I'm inundated by student germs for 27 hours a week.

Imagine my sense of horror when I woke up on Monday, pouring sweat and feeling slightly flu-like. It's 11 hours later now, and I still don't feel great. I haven't vomited, I ate like I normally do, and I don't feel any better or worse than I did this morning.

Mentally though, I'm a mess. Today is supposed to be my last "strength" workout and I was debating two different options - 2 mile repeats at 9:05, or go to the track and do ten 0.5 mile repeats at Yasso pace.

What makes more sense - logically - is to put on my pajamas, lay down with kitty and try and sleep off whatever has me feeling less than 100%. When has marathoning ever been logical though??? I'm chronically exhausted from starting work at 4am and I didn't have enough water yesterday, so either of those could be affecting me. I need to get adequate sleep so I can fight off the student germs. It seems every child is sneezing or coughing and I don't have time to get bronchitis right now.

The idea of skipping a run though, especially a "something of substance" run sends me into a tizzy, where I immediately jump to the conclusion that I'm going to crash and burn in Chicago, that all my hard work over the summer will be eradicated in one day, and I'll struggle to another 5:20 finish.

Deep breath, girl. If I don't take care of myself, if I don't do everything I can to stay healthy, a PR won't happen. Look at the long picture. Do whatever it takes to stay healthy for 13 days, even if it means sacrificing one run.

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