Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Aaah Tuesday!!!

Tuesdays are my favorite day of the week! I work both jobs, then have absolutely, wonderfully NOTHING I need to do. A nap often seems to happen, a little tidying up around the house, but a great big zero in the exercise column :D

As soon as Wednesday dawns and I see what the Hansons want (10 miles at pace, and it's supposed to be in the mid-80s - yikes!!!!!), I immediately starting longing for the next Tuesday!

The countdown continues:

144 training miles to go (I'll be happy if I finish 130+ of them, knowing that life can get in the way)
Not me - I wish!!!!
25 days!!!

At work this morning I made myself officially unavailable to work any hours whatsoever the day of the race and the day after. I said I'm pretty much comatose, and completely worthless the next morning, especially facing a 4am start time.

Yesterday my bestie asked me about my plans for after the race, if I'll be able to relax. "For the rest of my life!!!!" I replied :)

I can't see beyond Chicago. I'll almost certainly run Cincinnati next year (heck, of course I will, just not ready to pay for it), most likely do another shorter race this fall, whether the Veterans half in Columbia City, or some 5k wherever, but I absolutely can't see past the Chicago finish line. Not to mention that my body needs time to forget the pain and misery before I can commit to anything else. Yesterday's speed work out was brutal mentally to get started, but I can deal with being miserable for 25 days if it takes me under 4:30.

If not, I'm going to be a sad, crying girl in the finishing area (when I do hit my goal, I'll still be crying, but bc of exhaustion and happiness lol)

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