Friday, September 4, 2015

August numbers

Total miles: 145.67
Number of runs: 21
Average distance per run: 6.93
Shortest run: 3.01 miles
Longest run: 15 miles
TM runs: 4 (3 speed runs, 1 during lightning storm)
Runs skipped: 6 :(
Fastest average pace: 9:09
Slowest average pace: 11:12 (hot and exhausted)
Races: "Run for the Hills" 10k, no PR
Money found: $3.29

I added up the total mileage, and my first thought was "that's it????" haha Not feeling super motivated, the heat and humidity are beating me down, working at 4am interferes with very early or very late runs. Missed a few when Bill and I went on vacation. My August 2014 mileage was 146.47. I couldn't have gotten much closer if I tried! Average pace is faster. I guess I'm justifying the month with an ad hoc "run less, run faster" approach, even thought my usual attitude is "more miles, more better." We'll see. I have 3 black toenails. I seem to be more tolerant of heat and humidity this year - side effect from Vietnam?

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