Wednesday, September 2, 2015

It's too late to turn back now

Registration closed last week for the Detroit marathon. I was vaguely aware of the deadline, but registering last minute never crossed my mind.

If I miss early registration (January 1 or 2), it increases $50 to $130 and becomes too rich for me. I'll pay more than that for other races, but I don't think Detroit justifies such a price.

More importantly, it's the week after Chicago, and while I've done both races in 2013 and 2014, not this year! All my hopes and plans are squarely in Chicago, to the point that there's no next day. I need to go all out for exactly 26.5 miles (factoring in a little extra mileage due to bad turns and tangents), then I can crash and burn in the finishing chute. It doesn't matter if I can walk the next day. Chicago is the be-all and end-all for my fall. When I have another race scheduled, I hold back a little on the first race so I can recover quicker and do it again, but when doing that, I'm sabotaging the first race, and Chicago is PR city. I will be DEVASTATED if I'm not sub-4:30 this year.

Besides, Detroit has a new medal style this year and I don't like it. I have priorities lol


  1. If you are going to PR, You aren't going to be walking for a week! Enjoy your recovery with nothing looming over you!

    1. Exactly. They can push me through the finishing area in a wheelchair. Altho when I PRed in Cincinnati, I felt amazing after sitting down for 10 minutes.