Thursday, November 5, 2015

A mental health break

A story my runner friends will immediately understand, and my non-runner friends never will....
I've been working insane hours since Labor Day. I'm on the clock six days a week, totaling 60+ hours, plus driving from Ann Arbor to Allen Park in the middle of the days between jobs. I've broken down the calendar into approximate 3-week increments between days school is closed and I "only" have to work 8 hours.

Election Day was set to be one such day, and I've been looking forward to it ever since the Chicago Marathon. Then my colleague texted me that we needed to lead a training session that day. I tried to talk us out of it, but we're the only people in the entire company who can lead this training. There went my half day off!!! Gah!!

When I left my morning job on Wednesday, it was 70 degrees, low humidity, and full sun!!!! I texted my bestie that I was going to blow off the afternoon job and go for a long@ss run.

She thought I was kidding.

Not wanting to act too hastily, I went to the middle school and worked with my student there. My main thought - still - was GO RUN!!!!!! NOW!!!!!

I told my boss I was taking 3.25 hours of (well deserved) personal time - absolutely anything I decided was a good choice. I stopped at Kroger for coffee and cat food, took a little nap with Butterfly (cat) then headed out for my run. I'm so sick of having to squeeze in a short run before sunset at 5:20. I wanted to run and run and run.

The weather was PERFECT. My health is great, my legs felt strong, my joints pliant, and I just kept going.

4 miles wasn't enough, 6 wasn't enough, I knew I could do more than 8. 10 sounded like a good even number, although with a later sunset, an impromptu half marathon was totally feasible. I finally stopped at 10.15, only because it was getting dark. With a glass of water and more sunlight, my body would have easily gone 3-5+ miles more.

Very early on it had stopped hurting and I felt like I could run forever. What an amazing afternoon!!!!!!

"You used personal time to... run...????" Hell yes!!!!!!! and I LOVED it!!!!!!
Pace was kinda all over, but my fastest miles were at the end :D

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  1. I love this post, Dang girl that's a lot of hours. But I love that you put this spin on it!