Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 in Review

2015 was only the best year of my running life yet! 14 races, 8 PRs baby!, and a new PR at every distance I race.

I had a few goals I planned to accomplish:

...and miles to go before I sleep

1. Run a 1-miler under 7:00
Check - Ran a 6:58 on the TM in late April.

2. Run a half under 2:00
Check - Martian half 1:58:39

3. Run a full under 4:50
Check - Cincinnati 4:43:33

4. Save $... to my IRA
Check - although it was changed to save it to my stock account

5. Hit my goal weight!!!
Check! Working on getting back there. My body's natural weight is about 7 pounds higher than I want it to be.

Here's the monthly breakdown (2014 mileage in parenthesis for sake of comparison):

January - 96.76 miles (46.4)
no races

February - 105.05 miles (77.32)
Myrtle Beach half marathon - PR

March - 115.3 miles (95.13)
Shamrocks and Shenanigans 5k - PR
Pi run 5k ish - PR
Rock CF half marathon - PR

April - 138.36 miles (85.51)
Twinkie Run 5k
Martian half marathon - PR

May - 59.6 miles (63.57)
Little Kings 1 mile - PR
Flying Pig 10k - PR
Flying Pig 5k
Flying Pig marathon - PR

June - 61.85 miles (89.72)
no races

July - 113.08 miles (99.86)
Ann Arbor 1 mile
Electric Bolt 5k - 2nd place

August - 145.67 miles (146.47)
Run for the Hills 10k

September - 144.62 miles (119.49)
no races

October - 105.12 miles (103.68)
Chicago marathon

November - 89.7 miles (72.04)
Veterans half marathon

December - 70.6 miles (40.38)

Year-end total: 1245.71 (962.25)

I had arbitrarily set a last-minute goal of 1250 miles, and I could totally accomplish it today, but my left heel has been sore for the past several days and it's improving with rest. Why would I set back the healing to check off a completely arbitrary number? My total mileage is already a big PR and 283.46 better than last year! I had the same nagging annoyance in my right heel for the last 7 weeks of training for Chicago. It only flared up with speed work and long runs (over 3 hours). I could run through it, but it never really got any better until a head cold forced me to not run for 5 days. I'm using the same approach with my left foot, but without the snot-nosed sickness, thankfully!

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