Monday, December 28, 2015

5k PR*

This is actually a story from last week, but I've been remiss with posting...

Monday was a typical El Nino winter day - moderate temperature, but rain rain rain all day long. Nothing about that gets me excited to run. Yet what else was I going to do? I sure wasn't running outside though, wet shoes and wet feet aren't my cup of tea. (It's fine if I'm already running and it starts raining, but starting in the rain is brutal.)

The most recently added item to the bucket list is to run a sub-24 5K (treadmill counts). After work I started thinking "Why not?" More importantly, "Why not today?" Ummmm because I haven't done any speed work in months and my body wouldn't be happy going from zero speed work to 7:40s.

I could compromise though. Maybe not sub-24, but certainly something in the 26s, maybe even a PR.

I did a half mile warm-up, stopped the machine, stretched a little, and spun through the iPod for the song I wanted to start with.

It was time. Do it, girl!!!

I started the TM at an 8:30 pace, planning to increase it every half mile. The first mile felt downright easy. The second mile was a struggle. The third mile was agony. At about 20 minutes, my legs were screaming, my lungs were dying and every part of me wanted to quit, especially knowing I still had 0.6 miles to go.

Don't think, just run.

I hit 3.1 and thought "huh, I could have kept going," :D (if I didn't mind the puddles of sweat on the TM and the loogie I needed to hock - the joys of running right after being sick...)

25:31. Yep, that's a big PR, but it remains with an asterisk because I had a lot of help from the TM. My non-TM PR is a 26:08 and I had a pacer for more than half of that. Not bad for December.

The 5k playlist:
Bodies - Drowning Pool [1. Nothin' Wrong with me!]
Whatever - Godsmack [I Don't need your Sh** Today...I'm doin' the best I ever did, now get up and F***ing Go away!]
I Miss the Misery - Halestorm
Down With the Sickness - Disturbed
Lose Yourself - Eminem

Dang, that's a seriously angry playlist! lol Had to get amped for the run!!!

At the end of the day, I told my Bestie the PR wasn't even the best part of my day. The very best thing was the 15-minute nap with kitty sleeping on my chest :D


  1. HA HA! that is a angry Playlist, but SOLID for a kick a@@ RUN! wtg girl. I love reading this. Yes, we feel like we are dying but the reality is we are LIVING! Living beyond our comfort zone, that is nothing short of AWESOME!

    1. I've been known to break out in a huge ear-to-ear grin while I'm dying (flying) on the TM. It's either that or a grimace of agony and the smile convinces everyone that running fast is fun!! It is! haha right??? :)