Friday, December 11, 2015

A New PR and a Final Goal

When we think about PRs, time is what typically comes to mind, at least in my world. The training is all done to shave off minutes or even seconds from previous times. This week, however, I realized I had hit a different kind of PR - distance!

I started tracking my miles on The Daily Mile in 2011. One year I realized on New Years Eve that I had to go run 3 miles THAT DAY in the snow!!!! to break 1000 for the year. This year, I crossed 1000 before Chicago. On Wednesday I hit 1200, or an average of 100 per month. Nice :) The months weren't all 100-mile months, but the average is good.

Then I realized if I run 2-3 miles every day for the rest of the year, my distance PR will be 1250. What makes more sense for me is 5 miles every other day to round out the year at 1255. Although today was a bonus run just because the weather was nice. When it's mid-50s and SUNNY, and I can wear shorts in mid-December, I have no excuse or reason whatsoever to not be out there running!!!! I didn't feel up to 5, and I've been getting a little slower, so I mixed it up and shot for 4 miles sub-10. Final average: 9:29. It's ironic - I couldn't find 9:30s to save my life in Chicago, and now I'm popping them right and left. Stupid hot weather!

Forecast looks to be close to 60 this weekend - who wants to join me for a long run???? Or 2.... :D

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