Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Being sick like a woman

Ok, this is gross. I woke up before my 2:45 alarm today because I couldn't breathe through my nose, seeing as it was clogged full of solid snot pieces ewwwwww yep, I'm sick again. Maybe it's still the same as before, I don't know. The good thing about my new job is that I can always work, we don't close for long vacations or snow days, etc, The bad thing about my new is that I can always work. Being sick is no excuse, especially when I have "permission" to work from home. So work was non-negotiable.

After the 2nd job, I was Miss Cranky Pants. I didn't feel well, I was woozy, full of snot, exhausted, and it was CLOUDY!


Then I thought I saw the sun peek out for a minute. 15 minutes later I was sure - sun!!!!! God wanted me to run today!

I had two choices. The first was to be sick like a man ie put on my pajamas, call Mom and beg for some food or attention or whatever babying men seek when they're sick.

Or I could be sick like a woman.

All I did was run my 3rd fastest 5k EVER! Yeah buddy!!!!

A quick and dirty 5k has become my go-to distance when I want no part of running whatsoever. My deal with myself is that I have to finish it under 30 minutes, otherwise I keep going. That requires a 9:40 pace, so I shoot for that the first mile, then see what happens.


Whee!!!! Total time: 27:20, the only 5ks I've done faster were both in the 26s at races. Not too shabby for a "last-minute, mid-December, not-training, get it done" run.

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