Saturday, December 26, 2015

Full Circle

In 2011 I took myself out to breakfast on Christmas. It doesn't faze me one bit to dine alone in a restaurant and enjoy a book with my meal. Why should I hide home alone because no one wants to enjoy a diner breakfast with me??? I befriended the waitress Pam, then before I left, I told her to give me a man's check. He was sitting alone and reminded me of my grandpa, and I wanted to buy his meal.
Jump ahead to 2015. I volunteered to work Christmas morning (double time), then I didn't have a ton of food, so I tried to go back to the diner, but they were closed. Ram's Horn is always open, so I went there instead. I enjoyed my meal, 3 cups of coffee, and my book, then when I went to pay, the guy running the register said "You're all set." The girl behind him elaborated "Someone took care of your check for you." !!!!

I figure it was one of three options:
1. Someone I know. I work at every public school and two Catholic schools in the same city, so I  know a ton of people.
2. Some guy thought I was cute (I wasn't - hadn't showered yet and was in jeans and a Star Wars sweatshirt).
3. Someone felt sorry for me eating alone on Christmas (most likely).

Whatever the reason - THANK YOU!!!

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