Tuesday, December 1, 2015

God didn't want me to run today

I hate winter in Michigan. The snow and cold are bad enough, but I truly despise the flat gray skies for DAYS ON END, days and weeks that make me want to stick my head in the sand, retire to my cave, hibernate until it goes away. Or hop on the next plane to San Diego and figure it out when I get there. I need to live somewhere with 300+ days of sunlight a year!!!!

Such was Tuesday. Nasty gross weather. Not that cold, but disgusting depressing gloom. The kind of day that makes me want to excuse myself from the living world, not the day that I want to wake up at 2:45 and work work work for peanuts. I'm cranky!

After an 11-hour workday, I drove home in the rain and told my bestie that God will give me sunlight if He wants me to run today.

Wouldn't you know, at 4:50 it cleared up a little. That's even worse than not at all! I live in the ghetto, so I don't run around home, but by the time I got dressed and drove to a safer location, it would be dark, and running in the dark when it's in the low 40s with huge puddles everywhere just doesn't sound fun. I'm not desperate enough yet to even consider the hamster wheel.

Revised plan: a date with Charles Shaw and some Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Here's how I feel.



  1. HA HA! Take the day OFF. ITS December, take a few off! I hear ya! SOOO gloomy....

  2. Says the woman who just ran 16.... I've had a few redemption runs since then and the forecast looks great *knock on wood*