Monday, December 14, 2015

Meal 1 - "A Fun, Colorful Taco Bowl"

Monday's dinner was advertised as a "fun, colorful taco bowl." Doesn't taco generally imply chips???

It was alright. Here's their picture of it:
And here's my picture. Granted I didn't wait for it to cool, nor did I have a food photographer to make it look great. Also, I eliminated the avocados and tomatoes because I don't like either, and why would I buy food knowing I'm not going to eat it?
It was alright, not fabulous, but good enough. It was 475 calories, and a little more food than I wanted. I tossed a little of the rice. Chipotle would have been tons better, but also probably double the calories and triple the sodium.

Total prep time: 6 minutes.

Would I make it again? Sure, with a few modifications:
1. Swap out the rice for black beans
1a. Or eliminate the rice altogether and have more veggies
2. Don't pre-cook the peppers, they got mushy. Dice and heat / serve as needed.
3. More salsa
4. Use colby jack cheese instead of cheddar (personal preference)

Here's the recipe

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