Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Meal 2 - Pork and Veggie Pita Wrap

It's meal 2 and I'm ready to abandon this cook ahead meal plan. My thought had been to cook a meal for dinner, then have the second portion of it for lunch the following day, yet I wanted no part of the "taco bowl" for lunch today, so I skipped right to meal 2, a pork and veggie pita wrap. It sounded good enough, and I like all the ingredients (except avocado, I substituted a pat of real butter).

It was adequate. It was 475 calories, and I couldn't finish all of it.

Less than an hour later, though, I don't like how I feel. I don't eat simple carbs very often. I figure I get enough carbs from fruits and vegetables, and a little from the hormone-free milk I use in my coffee, so unless it's pre-race or a special occasion, I'm not a big carb eater. The pita had 200 empty calories. My stomach feels all puffy and bloated. I want to do some serious core work, and drink a ton of water to flush it out. I'm trying to LOSE weight here, not get soft and squishy!!!

The thought of eating rice again tomorrow? Yech!

Since I already bought and cooked the meat and veggies, I'll eat meat and veggies for dinner the rest of the week and use the eggs for breakfast on days that I work from home. I don't need their recipes because it's way too many simple carbs for my diet.

The meal plan was a great idea, and I loved the idea. Today's meal took 4 minutes to prepare, but it's too carb-heavy. Not for me!!!!

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